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Okay, since you already have the skill to make a good Flash (which many people do NOT), why don't you EXTEND on it?

It hurts me to seeing talent being fallen into wrong hands. You animate like an angel, but now, you're just like saying "Yeah I could animate, so what. Big deal."

But on the bright side, I could see it did not just take five minutes to make.

i198g responds:

Thankyou for all you responces, im quite suprised its lastest over an hour, im currently working on an animation for a music video,i have no idea how to update my comments on the main "PONGO TESTER" page so i put it here, i am doing a music video for a Macc Lads song called "Chester Zoo" it involves aliens, it will be on about 1min 15 seconds and completed within 8/9 weeks, for the record this wasnt traced, i had alot of videos or dogs and i studied how they moved,
Regards Ian

I love this!

This is great, nice animation and graphics. I liked the contrast between the cartoon images and real-looking jpeg backgrounds. The music is also great, I especially liked the movie because it had no talking, so people can use their imaginations more. :) The fighting scenes are awesome - it simply can't get more real than that! My only nudge is the bit where the foolish guy dies... all the blood spraying out didn't seem very right to go with the movie. Of course, that'll be okay if you're meant to make Takamori look scary. ^ ^

All my 5 r belong to this.

Great, but...

When the circle is very close to the other (but not touching) it says the hitTest is on. Try fixing that - I know it's not that easy because Flash has a disadvantage on assuming irregular shapes as a whole rectangle...

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Another Raiden Fan!


PhoenixRizen responds:

Wow. Its the mighty Raiden X man.

Now I know exactly why he made so many
Raiden Games

Great =D

Hey, remember meh? =3 I remember helping you with a bit of scripting on this game. Nice to see you have got the sound working at last. What I'm most concerned with is the firing... why is there a maximum of only a pair of bullets (two pairs, if after upgrade) at a time? It makes it kinda frustrating to play so it'll be great if you'll fix on that (a minimum of two rows of shots I recommend). But on the good side, I love the graphics, especially the background and the Raiden supersonic fighter.

Raiden rulez!!! xD

Calrk responds:

hi and thanks for your help
do you know how to make it so more bullets can be fired after each other if so then can you please e-mail me it
Raiden rulez!!


I love it, Lambi! The design is very beautiful - I admire your style. ^_^ Aside from the lovely interface, those vector arts are gorgeous, and your animations are just dead cute. What I seem to have a bug on is the video bit... is there supposed to have something in it? Good job overall, keep up the great Flash works. =3

Lambi responds:

Hey man, I mentioned on the preloader and my comment that all the contents seperate (they load from seperate files) and arent on here. The videos just images from older animations that arent on this site

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This is cool - very clear and techno-like! The beat is very strong and I liked how you made it stereo, with the bassline on the right speaker and the tune on the left... maybe (I arranged my speakers the wrong way round lol!). =D

However, it's kinda repetitive, and the melody seems to be out of time (in some occation). Maybe you could add more variety to it and well - simply practice more! It's definitely not bad for a first-time though!

SuperRuy responds:

Thanks Googley!
and yes, it's the first song i ever made.
And I just used like 5 .wav files to
make the whole song. I first wanted to
make it Trance, but that was way too
hard for my first try...

my lil green plushie wants to feed you cake

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